The resilience of BC’s forests will be adversely impacted by climate change. To better understand these impacts, the Ministry has established long-term field trials to measure the genetic differentiation between and within tree species, and their responses to different climatic variable (e.g. temperature and precipitation) and latitude.

Information from these genecology studies is used to guide the selection and use of tree seed for reforestation. In 2018, the Chief Forester introduced Climate-based seed transfer standards (CBST) which considers past and future projected climate. FGC’s goal is for all seedlings planted in BC to be climatically-adapted to their planting sites, so BC’s future forests will be remain resilient.

See the Assisted Migration and Adaptation Trial.

Adaptation Panel Photo: Dr. Greg O’Neill, RPF, and Scott King, RPF, Assisted Migration and Adaptation Trial. Golden, BC. Credit: Brian Barber, 2018.

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