What we do

The Forest Genetics Council of BC (FGC) coordinates forest genetics activities in the Province. These activities include forest genetics research, tree breeding, seed orchards, and conservation. FGC develops strategies, goals and plans, and provides advice to the Chief Forester regarding government’s reforestation policies and funding priorities. FGC includes representatives from government, forestry companies and academia.

The Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development (Ministry) leads forest genetics research and tree breeding activities for BC’s commercial tree species. Forest genetics research is also undertaken by the Canadian Forest Service and universities. This research informs seed use standards, orchard and seed management practices, responses to climate-change and forest health challenges, and conservation activities. Forest companies provide logistical support for field trials, and provide input on research priorities, funding, and Ministry policies and standards via FGC.

Seed orchards are managed by the Ministry, private companies, and SelectSeed Co. Ltd, which is owned by FGC. Orchard managers sell their seed to forest companies, BC Timber Sales, the Ministry and others with reforestation obligations. Provincial regulations and standards require that all tree seed used for Crown land reforestation be registered, tested and stored at the Ministry’s Tree Seed Centre.

Collectively, these activities and policies serve to enhance the value, resilience and conservation of BC’s forests.

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