Membership Structure

The Forest Genetics Council represents the agencies that manage, produce, and use improved reforestation materials in British Columbia. These include the forest industry and Ministry of Forests, seed producers, seed users (i.e., non-orchard owners), and researchers.

Each stakeholder group nominates individual(s) to represent it on the Council. Forest industry representatives are to be affiliated with both seed users and seed producers on the coast and in the interior, and are nominated by forest industry associations. The Chief Forester of B.C. appoints councillors from these nominees, and two individuals to co-chair the Forest Genetics Council. One co-chair is chosen from the Ministry of Forests and one from the forest industry.

Membership of the Forest Genetics Council

Council Positions Industry  MFLNRO  Research

  • Industry and FLNRORD
 1  1
Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

  • Appointed by the Provincial Chief Forester with recommendations from the FGC; members from producer, regulator, researcher, and user groups (BC Timber Sales)
Interior seed user (north and south representatives)  2
Interior producer  1
Coast seed user  1
Coast producer  1
CTAC and ITAC Chairs (from any sector or group)  2
LBIS (non-voting; ex-officio ) 1 non-voting
University  1
Canadian Forest Service  1
Total voting members (14) 6 4 2 2
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